Free the Head

Did you know a newborn baby can crawl from the stomach and find their way to the breast, then latch mostly unassisted? Newborns have these built-in instincts that guide them to feed early and often. What strikes me is how strong they are! When give them space and time it is amazing what they are capable of. Yes, they are dependent on their parents for EVERYTHING, but they are capable and strong!

The most common thing a new mom is taught on day 1 or even hour one is to sandwich the breast, bring the baby up and as the baby opens their mouth to wide to push the breast into the baby’s mouth then hold them there with your hand just below their ears.

I recommend freeing their head and letting them do the work! Feeding your baby is a dance and both partners have a job. Bring baby to the breast so that nipple is lined up with their nose, let them nuzzle (this extends you nipple) let them lick and then they will open wide and lift their chin and latch. You will support their body and hold them close and keep them belly to belly.

Video of a breast crawl.

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