Adjust the Rump

Have you seen how experienced mothers or post-partum nurses seem to be able to move the babies around with such ease? They just lift, turn and settle the baby quickly and without fear.

Well one secret is to adjust the rump. Babies are mostly squishy lumps, but if you control that cute little rump then the torso will follow. Their bum is like an anchor and when they are setting up to feed this tip will help you to line them up. If you remember from Belly to Belly that the baby’s tummy should be facing you. They can anchor down with the hips which they can push against you to help them to bob their heads and find their way to the nipple.

Our instinct may be to move the baby by their arm pits, but if their rump gets out of line then the shoulder and head will follow. So, if the head needs to be lowered adjust the rump!

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