Feeding Babies Education Options

No matter how many children you have each relationship is unique and comes with new experiences. Feeding your baby is a relationship that takes investment, time and patience to grow. I am excited to help parents prepare for this great experience and to support breastfeeding in our community.

Feeding Babies is here to support families prenatally through the weaning process. Kisha Johnston has been a Prenatal Educator for over 6 years and is training to get her IBCLC.

Prenatal Consult

Maybe you have fed a baby before, or you have read the books and watched all the videos but you just want to talk it out with a professional. Perhaps your situation is just not covered in your research. (No maternity leave, adoption, lactating but not parenting, tandem feeding, health concerns, exclusive pumping)

Private consults available.

Cost: billed as an individual consult

Format: In person or Video

Breastfeeding Basics Class

We will explore the most common questions like, “Is my baby getting enough?” “How do I get ready to feed a baby?” “How often does a baby eat?” “What is normal?” “When should I ask for help?”

Cost: $50.00 per couple (sliding scale available)

Class Format: 90 min virtual group or 60 min individual virtual session

To register email:

Pumping & Return to Work

Make a game plan before you go back to work. How do you even use your pump? How much milk should you have on hand before you go to work? How do I pump milk and store it while I am away? My supply dropped, now what?

Cost: $35 (sliding scale available)

Class Format: 60 min Virtual Group or Self Paced with a 30 min private consult

To Register email:

Birth Processing

Did your birth your birth surprise you? Having a space to process all the events of birth can help. The events of birth can leave us wondering if we will be able to parent in all the ways we hoped. I am a trauma informed motivational interviewer who is ready to listen and help you heal.

Cost: $35

Class Format: Always individually, currently virtual plan for 60-90 min.

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