Belly to Belly

How to position your baby when it is time to feed, belly to belly! On your side, cross cradle, laid back the common thread is belly to belly. As a new mom this did not sink in for me. I know it is a simple concept and now after 6 years of nursing and all the training to become an IBCLC I just shake my head at my early feeding journey.

My daughter was very accommodating, and my supply was very forgiving. She spent the majority of our early days nursing tummy up and head turned. Then one day my lactation consultant says, “belly to belly – Have you ever tried to drink with your head turned?” I can tell you that was a light bulb moment… and it was with my son! You know what? I could hear all the other times she had told me to reposition the baby echo in my ears. Belly to belly!

Why is breastfeeding education so important before your baby is born? Because small concepts like how to position your baby is so very hard to have sink in when you are in the middle of recovering from birth and caring for a newborn.

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  1. That makes me think about nursing Emma; It was more bonding and yes, it seemed to work better.:)


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